Welcome! My name is Khadiga.

I’m a 28 year old mama to Mariam and wife to my wonderful hubby, Isaac. I am an Arab-American Muslim who was born and raised in Alabama (I love my southern roots). I moved to Georgia when I got married and I have to say that I love this state. Before I got preggos with baby girl, I was an elementary school teacher. I LOVE teaching and hope to go back as soon as Mariam gets old enough to go to work with me.

I created the Umm Mommy blog to share my experiences and journey through motherhood. I am a positive parenting and Montessori enthusiast. You will see a lot of posts related to my learning experiences as a first time mom and how I’m learning to implement Montessori values and teachings in our home, step by step. I also post about growth and positivity, focusing on my growing daughter and the lessons I am learning as a female adult.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time but never had the guts or push to do it. I (finally) started this blog after my daughter turned 9 months old. Before this time, I was constantly trying to learn and figure out how to manage a household, survive exclusively breastfeeding, and have time for my husband all while still finding myself as a new mom and a woman. Many (brave) bloggers out there saved me from feeling inadequate and lost. I am a private person and was anti-social media before creating this blog. After having my daughter, I felt like it was the time to get out into the world and connect with other moms like myself.  I thought that I could pay it forward by creating my own blog to help other lost mommies (hence the Umm) while learning from those moms who are more experienced than I am.

I love to learn and connect! I am currently promoting my blog on only Instagram, but planning to expand on other platforms soon! I would love to have you follow me and join me on my journey through motherhood.

Shoot me and email if you want to chat or collaborate: theummmommy@gmail.com